Infinite Stratos: 10 episodes in

That pretty much sums up my reaction too.

Picked it up because I had people telling me to go watch it. So I did. But I guess my reaction’s slightly different…

I know not to make my assumptions about shows so early, so I usually give each series at least 10 episodes (unless of course it’s a 12 episode anime, then 6 will suffice). Although I could have seen this one coming from a mile away. A male lead that enrolls in a girls-only school? Check. ALL the girls in the school likes this male lead? Check. You have just spelt harem in block letters.

Where there’s a harem, there’s fan-service, which I don’t appreciate as much, because it detracts from the overall story if overdone. Thankfully, Ichika (Infinite Stratos’s male protagonist) is played convincingly enough as one who’s completely ignorant when it comes to relationships with the ladies, so he doesn’t actively land himself in uncomfortable situations. That frees up more screen time for other stuff. 😛

They’re past introducing more females, so the main cast is pretty set. Still, 10 episodes in nothing much really happens. The show’s animated rather well, and the character designs are pretty good, but the plot needs some ramping up before this show can really shine.

Well, here’s hoping they can produce something awe-worthy in the remaining half. 😀


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