What?! No TWGOK manga next week?!

There be no awesomesauce next week. Season two commences next month.


*me silently chants* Not Yui…Not Yui…Not Yui…Not Yui…Not Yui…

Oh well, there’s something good coming out tomorrow, so gotta make do with that. 🙂


4 thoughts on “What?! No TWGOK manga next week?!

  1. Ah. This is the continuation. 🙂

    PS. This page doesn’t exist. XD
    I just spliced them together from different pages of the chapter to make something that has meaning and looks authentic. Lol.

    Oh well. A week without TWGOK begins now… D:

  2. Sorry I might’ve misspoken. I’ve never actually seen the page that is in your post, but I definitely have the volume 5 of the manga which has Tsukiyo in it xD

  3. Oh? The manga volume is already out? O.o
    So that means it’s just a delayed translation huh. Dang. XD

    Reminds me of Negima though. 🙂 That one’s delayed too.
    I’m still waiting for a ‘readable’ version of the manga I can buy though.
    Unfortunately neither English nor Chinese publishers have indicated
    interest at the moment. 😦

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