Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Impressions

Don’t you just hate being one of these expendable footies.

How the Final Fantasy trading cards could possibly look in English.

…or at least how it appeared to me. 🙂

Samurai or not, a common’s a common. 🙂

They’ve got a large roster of characters to choose from, so the card designs are pretty varied. The last time I bought anything resembling FF cards was the FFVIII set. But that was limited to just that series unfortunately (thankfully I loved that series).

Although despite the number of characters, the ones that truly resembles a trading card are kinda few though, with most using stock characters and bland backgrounds, the majority of the better-looking cards (with their Dissidia artwork) belonging in the Dark or Light categories (like good ol’ Sephiroth and Cosmos above). The main TCG site is worth checking out though, for the released roster of cards.

Still, the chances of it being ported over to an English version is incredibly slim, seeing other TCGs like Weiss Schwartz (which has been around for a darn long time) stayed in its original language. The FF series might get broader acceptance though, thanks to its international fanbase. It’s a “who knows?” question I guess. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Impressions

    1. Heya, thanks for the heads-up!
      I didn’t actually have a clue what it was, and based on the Japanese name
      illusionist sounded appropriate. XD
      It was something I done on a whim, but well I’ve changed the name. 😉

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