Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st (Review)

魔法少女リリカルなのは The MOVIE 1st

Ah. Earth. Always subject to mass destruction.
Almost feels like where Rin and Archer made their debut...

For those unfamiliar with Nanoha, it’s a magical girl series that has different seasons focusing on different antagonists, each with their own goals and agendas. In this movie, artifacts known as Jewel Seeds are scattered on Earth, and title character Nanoha is pulled in to assist in the re-sealing of these seeds while making her debut as a magical girl. She meets her rival, Fate, who wishes to capture the seeds for her own wishes. And so begins the Clash of the Titans Lolis. 🙂

If this was SnS, I'd be shouting "Fuzetsu!"
CGI in Nanoha~

Graphics: 7/10

Polished 2D animation with some awkward CGI thrown in almost like an afterthought. However the Blu-ray’s character art was crisp and definitely many notches up in comparison with its anime series.

Take a nice long Raising Heart.

Audio: 6/10

The music neither adds nor subtracts from the overall viewing pleasure, although series fans will hear some familiar tunes throughout the movie. It basically works as it should. 🙂

Bardiche forgot German and took up English lessons instead. 🙂

Plot/Adaptation: 9/10

Being very familiar with the anime season it was based on (Nanoha’s season 1), I’d have to say that this beats the series hands down. They discarded most of the conversations found in the original that made the series boring (mostly between Nanoha and her Earth-friends) and threw her right into the heat of Jewel Seed capturing, yet remaining faithful to the original source material.

You’ll see plenty of Fate and Nanoha, and little of everyone else – just the way most fans like it. This gave the much-needed focus to the plot,  and made it all the more enjoyable to watch.

Overall: 8/10

Nanoha the movie 1st is THE version of season one we’ve all been waiting for -No dull moments, no areas you wanna skip ahead to. Although you do miss a few things if you ignore the original anime, those are few and of little impact to the overall story.

What you get here is the pure adrenaline rush of kamekameha-like exchanges during the action-heavy moments, and plenty of character development in the softer areas.

If you didn’t like the Nanoha series to begin with, this still might not change your mind, but for series fans, it’s a starlight breeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!!!!


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